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Let’s follow Christian Louboutin on his extraordinary journey to the heart of Bhutan

Christian Louboutin has long admired the unique and protected Kingdom of Bhutan.

The emotional LouBhoutan capsule is very precious to him. Christian’s boundless creative universe extends to explore traditional Bhutanese royal craftsmanship in 13 magnificently hand sculpted and hand painted pieces. The exquisitely detailed wooden heels and platforms are combined with colorful iconic Louboutin mixed materials on the uppers. The result is a special union of creative universes.


LOUBOUTHAN - INSPIRATIONAL IMAGES - © Macassar Productions (5)


A traditional savoir-faire, an unlimited creativity, an exclusive capsule


The Kingdom of Bhutan recognizes and reveres 13 traditional crafts and the artisans who practice them. These Bhutanese craftsmen, whose artistry and creativity are equally revered by Christian Louboutin, created the wooden platforms of the LouBhoutan pieces. The handcrafting of each piece renders them unique, each with varying irregularities as signs of such artisanal production as well as the use of natural materials. Extensive skill and experience are required to perfect each piece.


LOUBOUTHAN - INSPIRATIONAL IMAGES - © Macassar Productions (24)


Discover these masterpieces of craftsmanship and creativity

Let yourself be seduced by the 13 exclusive pieces:


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