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Inspiration :

Christian Louboutin expands his universe to present an opus of eye amplifiers. Les Yeux Noirs Collection is imbued with the creator’s typical imaginativeness and glamour allowing women to reveal in the artistry of applying makeup. Inspired by his travels he looked to India’s rich culture and colours translated to products luxuriously saturated with rich pigments for the purest and deepest impact. Christian Louboutin wanted to capture the opulent decorative style of India as seen in Kathakali a form of classical dance where dancers’ elaborately drawn eyes and dramatic eye movements are integral part of the dance.

Product Description :

  • A versatile brow pencil for defining, shaping and filling eyebrows. Its soft formula glides on easily yet provides full coverage finish for the most accurate brow primping and long-lasting wear.
  • Accessorized with a spoolie brush.
  • Engineered with a slender body in a custom length, it provides skillful application.
  • Coated in a luxurious matte black and topped with studded gold cap and accessorized with a sharpener.
  • Long-lasting with no transfer.

Made in Germany, assembled in USA.

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Hot chick Hot chick

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