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Christian Louboutin Celebrates Art Basel Hong Kong With Artist Carmelo Tedeschi

Born into a family of artisans, it was only a matter of time before Carmelo Tedeschi made his mark on the art world. Following a dual education at Antwerpen’s Royal Academy and the Fine Art Academy in Rome, the young artist caught attention for his work with Margiela, Kenzo, and Acne, to name a few, and his star only continues to rise. By way of Berlin gallerist Xavier Laboulbenne, Tedeschi came to meet Christian Louboutin – a meeting that, for two artisans who work primarily with leather, could not have been a better fit.

After collaborating first on an exhibition staged during Art Basel Miami in 2013, the two artists and artisans have partnered again in honor of this year’s Art Basel Hong Kong. The result, ‘Chiral HK’, features three sculptures of meticulously carved, stitched, and hand-folded metallic leather, paying homage to Hong Kong’s Wong Ouyang gold skyscraper. Tedeschi was inspired by the concept of chirality - a property, often used in chemistry, that describes an object whose mirrored reflection is non-identical. The artist compares the concept to a pair of shoes, “a mirror reflection, but not the same.”

Prior to collaborating in 2013, Tedeschi spent time with the designer and at the Louboutin factory in Italy, discussing the many intersects between art, fashion, and technology. From furniture to accessories, leather is a cornerstone of everyday life – and like Christian Louboutin’s work with high-heeled stilettos, Tedeschi’s masterful touch transforms leather into a work of art.

“My process exalts the expert possibility of the hand,” says Tedeschi. “People don’t even recognize the material when they see my sculptures.”

All works courtesy of xavierlaboulbenne, Berlin. For more information, visit