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A woman is not exactly just one person. Who is she ? She can be a different woman at different times. She can be a lover in one moment and a litte girl in the next. She is working. She is enjoying life.. Is she going on a date? Does she want to highlight herself? Does she want to have an impact on someone or does she want to forget herself ? Does she want to be more feminine ? Who is she?

Behind the scene of the film Bikini Questa Sera

Bikini Questa Sera is a sumptuous parfum that evokes the heat of the day on the skin and that golden hour as the sun slips behind the horizon and the cool of the night awakens.

Behind the scene of the film Tornade Blonde

Tornade Blonde is irresistible, irrepressible. With its addictive Bulgarian rose at heart, it is enchantingly feminine, adventurous and full of passion.

Behind the scene of the film Trouble In Heaven

Trouble in Heaven lights the fire with its intoxicating amber resonating with notes of patchouli, tonka absolut and iris. Powerful. Compelling. Seductive.

There is something very exciting about the way perfume is there one moment and then it leaves a trace. You see a woman walking towards you, she is there alongside you, just a moment, you look across, and then she walks by you and you are left with just the red flash of her soles and the trace of her parfum.

Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin fragrances has its own unique personality, what unites them is Christian’s idea behind their construction.