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A Stitch in Time: Christian Louboutin and Jaeger-LeCoultre

For Christian Louboutin, collaboration is not to be taken lightly. It requires an inspiring creative exchange, a unified respect for craftsmanship and a shared vision of excellence – three elements that define the designer’s partnership this spring with master watchmaker Jaeger Le-Coultre. To commemorate the 85th birthday of the Swiss watchmaker’s iconic Reverso, Christian Louboutin took inspiration from his global travels, and infused the timepiece with elegant and whimsical elements, all while preserving the precise Art Deco lines of this design classic.

"I understood that the Reverso’s iconic Art Deco lines and very specific format could be customised and changed, but never improved. The exciting part is not about enhancing the Reverso, but instead offering a different perception of it through inventive suggestions expressed on the space available for decoration and on the strap. I have always loved the shape of the watch, and would never have agreed to this project if I had not been deeply convinced that I loved the original design of this object” - Christian Louboutin.

For Christian Louboutin, a watch is inseparable from its strap, thus he envisaged the Reverso models in the same way that one creates a jewelry collection, by giving each a strong, original identity. Referencing several recurring design elements seen his own work, here, Christian Louboutin’s versions of Jaeger Le-Coultre’s Reverso are imbued with exuberant, ultra-feminine and global references. Materials and details signature to his unorthodox creations infuse the timepieces with vibrant and iridescent colours, transparency, and architectural cut outs inspired by the covered galleries of Paris and carved wood lattice work of North Africa.

Available in two sizes, the Reverso Classic Duetto retains its emblematic face on the front, with pure, classical Art Deco lines, while the back, framed by two rows of diamonds on either side of the dial, takes on a delightfully whimsical touch courtesy of Christian Louboutin.

To celebrate the collaboration, actress and longtime friend of the house Elisa Sednaoui takes the lead role in the film Reverso by Christian Louboutin. In the film, she plays a woman on-the-go with an impatient air, who keeps changing her outfits and her watch. Like a fairy Godfather, Christian Louboutin magically appears on the case with the Reverso Scarabee and places it on Elisa Sednaoui’s wrist; a loving gesture that makes the watch spring to life right before their eyes!

Join Christian and Elisa as they unveil the Reverso in the film below and discover these creations in Jaeger LeCoultre Boutiques.