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Loubiworld fragrance collection

Come aboard Christian Louboutin’s perfume universe. A world of
surprises inspired by his own memories and dreams.

Ready for a journey into the designer's mind?

This captivating scented journey started with a collection of 7 unisex
fragrances. Each red bottles is a key that unlocks an entire universe
exprienced through their magnificent caps.

A journey through senses

Experience this fascinating universe, from the lightest to the most intense
and from floral to opulent fragrances; find the perfect one.

The journey continues

The collection ventures under the golden sun of three intense
fragrances, inspired by his dreams of the Orient, Loubiworld Eau de
Parfum Intense.

Eau de Parfum Intense

This time, the glass bottle is lacquered with a deep burgundy,
illuminated by the orange-gold rays of three sophisticated caps.

A splash of freshness

Then the odyssey has made a stop at Christian Louboutin’s Portuguese
fisherman's house. Off the coast of Alentejo, Loubimar was born. A Floral
Citrus salted by the Atlantic tides.

A bottle sculpted by the Atlantic

At the bottom of the sea, Christian Louboutin anchors his famous
stilettos in the urchin of a hood bristling with spikes. Loubimar is there,
at the end of their heels, like a precious shell.