You've got a message!

You've got a message!


If the item you are interested in is sold out online, please contact our Customer Service from Monday to Friday, 9AM to 6PM (EST) and Saturday from 10AM to 6PM (EST), a representative will check stock availability at our Christian Louboutin freestanding boutiques.

Please note, our freestanding boutiques have different ordering and return policies than All of our boutiques are able to ship domestically and to some countries internationally. Please inquire with a boutique directly for specific purchase and shipping policies that may apply.

If a size is currently sold out but expected to be replenished online, you can subscribe via email to receive a notification once the item becomes available. Please note, Notifications do not hold or reserve stock. To locate an item at a Christian Louboutin boutique, please contact Customer Service at +1-888-856-8247.

We give our clients the opportunity to reserve an item before it becomes physically available online. The item is reserved for you, then charged and shipped automatically when the stock arrives at our warehouse.

Pre-ordered items must be charged and shipped separately. Please note that product arrival dates are estimates and are not guaranteed due to varying production and shipment timeframes.

Once you sign into your Christian Louboutin Online Account, styles can be added to and removed from your Wishlist. Items on your Christian Louboutin Wishlist are not reserved but styles will remain visible as long as they are available online. Send a hint to your family or friends by sharing your Wishlist through one of our social media icons.

Due to the limited nature of our merchandise, orders with more than 3 units are subject for review.

Our skilled artisans handcraft all Christian Louboutin shoes and handbags in Europe, specifically in Italy and Spain. Christian Louboutin Beauty products are produced in the United States, France and Germany.

A Special Order is a request for a shoe that is not offered in our current collection. Through our Special Order Program, clients are able to request (from a pre-selected list of classic styles, materials, and colors) a shoe produced exclusively for them! Contact one of our freestanding boutiques for more information on the program.

Special Orders must be placed in-person at one of our freestanding boutiques. All requests are subject to availability and approval by the Christian Louboutin head office. Contingent on materials and production, the process takes approximately 3-4 months or longer. Payment is due in full at the time of order and all sales on Special Order products are final.